Not just president of those who elected him

I will always remember George H.W. Bush. While caring for my brother, an ex-Marine veteran of Korea and Vietnam, who experienced a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak or communicate, the VA in New York State, wanted to send him to a nursing home that required he be able to take care of himself. He could not walk by himself, nor take care of his basic needs. Taking a chance, being a noted Democrat, I wrote to a Republican president asking for his help in asking the VA to reconsider their decision regarding my brother. Almost immediately, this Republican president sent a letter to the VA in my brother’s behalf, and I was able to get a 3 or 4 month extension. The president who cared for an ex-Marine he never met or knew, was George H.W. Bush. This is an example of a president who was president of all the people, not just president of those who elected him Since then, my brother was able to receive care in a VA nursing home closer to my home, and after giving up his spirit to Our Father in Heaven, his physical remains reside in Arlington Cemetery, next to his comrades of every faith and denomination. Whenever I think of my brother, Salvatore Chimento (Sammy), I am reminded of what a great president we just lost, and what a great soul Heaven received.