“Mulch Volcanoes” are killing region’s trees

Now that spring is finally here, landscape companies and homeowners are beginning their annual application of mounds of bark mulch piled high against trees.

These “mulch volcanoes” can be seen everywhere – shopping malls, office parks, private homes, public spaces, etc. To see this practiced by professional landscaping companies is mind-boggling, as it usually results in the early death of the tree.

People are generally unaware of this. Urban foresters are predicting that this epidemic of overmulching will kill more trees over the next 10 years than all the natural pests we have, including gypsy moths.

Mulch is beneficial if applied correctly – the mulch should be at least 6 inches from the base of the tree and the flare of the tree trunk should be visible.

If you see these ridiculous looking mulch volcanoes on public property, I would suggest contacting the local government that hires these landscaping companies and complain. Then follow up to see that it’s corrected.

Our New Hampshire towns and cities are so beautiful, it would be a shame to have the trees die an early death – plus the high cost to the taxpayers of replacing the trees.