Thank you, Tom McDonough for all your kind words

Karen Halvatzes crucial to MYA’s success

To the Editor:

I humbly accept the advances of the Merrimack Youth Association but not without the devoted and dedication of a certain individual, Karen Halvatzes, who was the secretary of the MYA Executive Board for my 20-year tenure as president.

Karen has the unique ability to recognize a circumstance or problem and deal with it directly and not be influenced by what others might think and get to the heart of the situation and present a logical solution or alternative to remedy the stalemate. She was and is equally, if not more so responsible then I for the success of the youth association over this 20-year period.

Karen was always willing and ready to participate in the doings of getting things completed and documented. She is an individual with an extraordinary zeal to do things that need doing that are not of a recognizable nature. Karen’s willingness and talent to not let a menial but necessary task go uncompleted speaks volumes as to her importance to the success of the MYA. The everyday and mundane duties were always kept up to date and the communication to the programs and their directors was assured.

Simply put, without this individual and her tireless and continued effort, always with a smile, the success attained by the MYA over this period would not have happened. We were part of a team that included the entire MYA Executive Board and all seven programs that was the real success for the Merrimack Youth Association and the youth of Merrimack.

Thank you very much Karen.


Formerly of Merrimack