Elect Cinda Guagliumi to Merrimack School Board

To the Editor:

I’d like to invite Merrimack voters to join me in supporting Cinda Guagliumi for the Merrimack School Board on Tuesday, April 8.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cinda for the past three years as she served on the school district Budget Committee, and specifically this past year in her role as chairwoman. She was always well prepared, and weighed each issue in balancing the benefits to the district against impacts to the taxpayer. As chairwoman, she encouraged open and honest discussion on topics that were discussed. She did an outstanding job.

I believe Cinda would be a great addition and asset to the School Board because, along with her Budget Committee experience, she will bring a balanced and experience-based set of viewpoints to this position. She is a parent, a taxpayer, a working professional and is very open and easy to engage with – all of which are traits that are extremely valuable when tackling the important issues that come before the board. Merrimack will truly benefit from her serving the district in this role.

Please join me in voting for Cinda for the Merrimack School Board on April 8.


Merrimack School Board