Re-elect Bill Boyd to Merrimack Town Council

To the Editor:

I write to express my pleasure and support of Bill Boyd and his re-election bid to the Merrimack Town Council.

During these past three years, Bill has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Town Council. He’s transparent, thoughtful and prepared for the meetings. He’s very committed to promoting Merrimack as a community, and as a small business owner and homeowner here in Merrimack, I appreciate that commitment.

Bill has worked with the council respectfully, and always made a decision with the community’s best interest in mind. I like the fact that Bill is receptive to differing opinions from his council peers and the community. He seeks feedback from others on a given issue prior to making a vote and I don’t believe I have seen him abstain on an issue important to the town.

Merrimack has a good leader in Bill Boyd who vests much time and effort working with others into making our town a great community. I encourage my friends and neighbors to join me in voting for Bill Boyd on Tuesday, April 8.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


Owner, Cupcake Conspiracy