Vote for Lenette Peterson for Merrimack Town Council and George Markwell for School Board

To the Editor:

Merrimack Town Elections will be held on April 8 this year.

Most people sit out the spring elections. It is very important that we all get out to vote both in the fall and the spring. The elected officials for the town offices decide how much to tax all of us, among other things, and how to spend our money.

It’s important that we have strong leaders who will look out for our best interests.

It has been my pleasure to work with Lenette Peterson in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives, for what is now our fourth year in office. Our first term, she was appointed committee clerk for Judiciary, one of the busiest committees in Concord. She was up for the challenge, however, and did her job well.

This term, we are members of the minority party. In spite of this, Lenette has chaired subcommittees. She knows how to work with people of different opinions. She is also not afraid to stand up and speak her mind, even if it is a controversial issue. At the same time, she is down to earth and can find humor in even extraordinary circumstances.

As a member of the Town Council, Lenette will work to bring new businesses to Merrimack and strive to lower our property taxes.

I will be voting for Lenette Peterson for Town Council on April 8.

Additionally, I will be voting to re-elect George Markwell for School Board. I hope you will, too.