Finlay Rothhaus for Merrimack Town Council

To the Editor:

My name is Finlay Rothhaus and I am writing to ask for your support in my bid to seek re-election to the Merrimack Town Council.

For the last eight years I have enjoyed the privilege of serving on the Town Council. During this time, much has occurred in our community. With a focus on economic development and the desire to provide a sound infrastructure, I have worked toward the council’s goal of maintaining a stable town property tax rate.

We have completed a number of bridge and drainage projects, as well as increased deposits into our capital reserve funds. We have also increased our property tax base with the expansion of our commercial/industrial sector, most notably the Premium Outlets. All of this helps to create future financial stability for our town.

I have worked to build a trusting relationship with our business leaders, our town manager and department managers, and the members of our community. I am committed to building a positive culture where our citizens still have a voice and know that I will stand up for what is in the best interest of our town.

Merrimack is a wonderful town to raise our families and I am committed to continue my vision of improving our quality life while being responsible to the taxpayer.



Merrimack Town Council member