Re-elect Bill Boyd to Merrimack Town Council

To the Editor:

It’s our pleasure to write and express our support of Bill Boyd and his re-election bid to the Merrimack Town Council.

I’ve worked and served with Bill on the Planning Board. He was prepared, thoughtful and respectful in his deliberations. I have seen that style carry over during his three years on the council.

While on the council, we observed that he always makes a decision with the community’s best interest in mind. He’s very committed to making Merrimack a vibrant community. As a small business owners and homeowners here in Merrimack, we appreciate his commitment.

Most importantly, Bill listens to different opinions. From his council peers to members of the community, we know him to seek feedback from others on issues impacting our community. We know Bill is totally vested into making our town a great community. His experience and leadership is needed to keep Merrimack moving in the right direction.

We encourage our friends and neighbors to join us in voting for Bill Boyd on Tuesday, April 8.

Thank you.