Proud of hardworking Merrimack High seniors

To the Editor:

A group of Merrimack High School seniors recently descended on Davis Road for a Senior Service Day. And what a wonderful visitation it was.

They turned to and did a marvelous job raking, yard cleanup and other odd jobs. They even washed windows!

In our case, they pulled up the out-of-control blackberry bushes in my backyard – a chore that I had been dreading. I have since been able to fertilize, plant grass seed and water what I had considered to be lost yard space.

As much as we appreciated this work, perhaps the greatest pleasure was watching these enthusiastic, hardworking young folks pitch in with such a will. Their most common question was “What can I do next?”

It would be unfair to try to single out any one, for that would merely be to slight another. They worked as a team, they worked hard and they smiled a lot.

Merrimack has every right to be proud of their polite, hardworking senior class.