Merrimack zoning board should not OK cell tower proposal

To the Editor:

The zoning board is considering a petition to allow construction of a 150 foot cellular tower disguised as a pine tree in a residential zoned neighborhood with adjacent wetlands at 121 Joppa Rd in Merrimack. Cellular companies are allowed by law to construct additional towers if they meet certain criteria. If this tower is approved it will pave the way for additional construction in Merrimack and surrounding towns. If you value your neighborhood as a place that should not have commercial structures constructed on a residential zoned lot, please help us show our zoning board that we care about proper community development.

AT&T Cellular cites that there are 15 streets in this area where the AT&T subscribers have no service. If you are an AT&T cellular subscriber or a concerned resident please go to the website at www.121joppard.com and read the petition to see what this is about and if you are affected.

If you are a subscriber on one of these streets and HAVE cellular service, or are concerned about this petition, we need your support at the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting on Wednesday July 30 at 7 p.m., on the 2nd floor of the old courthouse adjacent to the town hall.

Local residents have verified that all 15 streets DO HAVE AT&T cellular service at present. There is no need to construct this tower by variance when there is commercial property available for construction in town elsewhere that could serve this area. Trees in this area approach 75-80 feet in height and the tower would be at least 70 feet higher, somewhat unsightly, and a potential ground rod for attracting lightning strikes.