Cast your vote for Vaillancourt

To the Editor:

Next year brings a presidential election and over 15,000 will vote in Merrimack. April 14th of this year is the date of our municipal election and if 3,000 residents vote, some will call it a high turn-out. It is rather ironic when you think of it. Our vote in a local election really has more meaning. Our vote in a local election has a greater impact on our community.

Jody Vaillancourt is running for a seat on the town council. It is a rather crowded race this year with eight candidates hoping to get the support of the voters for the four seats that are up for election. I shall be voting for Jody Vaillancourt and urge Merrimack voters to do so as well on April 14th. I have watched her in action over the years on the school board and most recently I have observed her in taking a leadership role in gathering information on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline which, if approved, would be a potential disaster for our community. Jody Vaillancourt is diligent in doing her research on issues and always thinks before she speaks. She will always be thinking about how town council decisions will best impact residents and taxpayers of our town and that is why I shall be voting for on April 14th. I would ask you to consider doing the same.

Brenda Baines Grady