Vaillancourt a long-standing community volunteer

To the Editor:

We support the election of Jody Vaillancourt to the Merrimack Town Council.

A long-standing community volunteer, Jody has served on a variety of committees and governing bodies, including the Merrimack School Board (2006-2012). To learn more about her resume of community service, please visit:

Jody consistently demonstrates an exemplary work ethic, investing the time necessary to attend all meetings and committee assignments. She familiarizes herself with facts and data, becomes well versed in multiple sides of issues, listens carefully and works diligently to involve all stakeholders until appropriate solutions are achieved. She welcomes open dialogue, asks challenging questions, and believes in healthy debate when developing any plan, policy or program.

Always fiscally conscientious, Jody has a history of advocating creative solutions while simultaneously working to prevent tax spikes. While serving on the Merrimack School Board, her successful cost-saving efforts included the Honeywell energy efficiency projects, as well as negotiating a shift in the insurance cost-driver for a large employment contract. She was further instrumental in delivering the only school district budget to come in below level funding (2012/13) in more than a decade.

When elected, Jody will bring a fresh voice and motivation alongside her proven experience to the table.

On April 14th, please take the time to vote and join us in electing Jody Vaillancourt to the Merrimack Town Council.

Jerry, Tracy, Jennifer, Alex and Mitchell Bull