Vaillancourt very active in Merrimack

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Jody Vaillancourt who is running for a seat on the Merrimack Town Council. I have known Jody for the past ten years. Jody served the interests of parents, the town of Merrimack, the schools and, most importantly, the students in an incredibly fair manner while she was on the Merrimack School Board (2006-2012).

Jody Vaillancourt brings a lot to the table, she is very active in the Town of Merrimack, where she has lived with her husband Tom and two children for the past 22 years. Some of the positions that she has held include: MMK Road Runners Booster Club (2011-present), Merrimack Citizens for Pipeline Information (2014-present), Merrimack Safeguard (2012-2013), CATV Committee Member (2009-2012), MMK Master Plan Committee (2011-2012), JMES-PATT President and Fundraising VP (2001-2004) and Merrimack Friends and Families.

I know that Jody thought about and gathered all of the facts on each and every issue to make sure that her vote is what was best for the education of the students in Merrimack while also being fiscally responsible for all Merrimack taxpayers while she was a member of the school board. l know that this will continue if Jody is elected to the Town Council.

When you vote on April 14th, please join me in casting your vote for Jody Vaillancourt for Merrimack Town Council.

Amy Bewley