Consider easy ways to save town money

To the Editor:

Recycling, as well as being a "feel good" thing to do, can also be financially advantageous.

It currently costs the town of Merrimack only $15 per ton for recyclable materials vs. $66.50 per ton to dispose of trash. Perhaps we can take it a step further.

A couple of thoughts:

During a recent trip to the Merrimack Recycling Center, I noticed a good amount of the stuff was "throw away" plastic water bottles. At last check the price of water in those bottles was about 500 times what tap water costs. If we could use more reusable water bottles we could save ourselves some money as well as reducing the cost of recycling to the town of Merrimack (us).

Aluminum cans can be dropped off at several "Cans for Kids" locations in town (Merrimack Library, Naticook Road Fire Station, Vault Motor Storage). The Exchange Club raises money for kids programs and the town spends less.

Newspapers, junk mail, etc., can be taken to collection bins for worthy causes in town, i.e., Merrimack YMCA, Merrimack Senior Center, St. John Neumann Church, etc. These organizations receive money for the paper and the town saves.

Thank you for your consideration.

Charlie McCaffery, Merrimack