Ayotte committed to NH families

To the Editor:

I see or read about Sen. (Kelly) Ayotte in a charity race, attending her kids sporting events , attending a veterans event and the like, listening to the voters. Kelly Ayotte as a senator has fought for paid leave and better access to child care. These "little" things make a huge difference in the lives of families all across New Hampshire.

One reason I support Kelly Ayotte is that I believe she always factors in the impact of how her decisions will affect New Hampshire families first. Her work in the Senate has proven her continued commitment to making life more affordable for families and making sure everyone has a chance at getting ahead in life.

After all, Senator Ayotte understands what it is like to raise a family in New Hampshire because she and her husband are doing it right now. A true conservative, I think she believes letting you keep more money for yourself is a top priority.

Richard Maloon