Congrats to MHS graduates, top 10

To the Editor:

Kudos to the Merrimack Journal for celebrating the top 10 MHS graduates with their pictures, profiles and plans.

With the nonsense of eliminating class rankings occurring in Melrose, Mass., as well as some other misguided schools around the country, it is comforting to see our top performers celebrated, as they should be, recognized for their dedication, hard work and significant accomplishments.

That said, congrats to all MHS graduates who earned their high school diploma last Saturday. No matter your class ranking, graduating high school is a major life milestone. You have your whole life ahead of you, and regardless of your challenges, you can be successful.

Some of you may feel alone and overwhelmed due to physical, medical or emotional limitations or just a crappy home environment. Remember that everyone has their demons, regardless of outward appearance or success. Do your best with a good attitude and seek help when you need it; you can have a great life.

This country was built on people of all abilities, beliefs and cultures working hard; you can help make it great again.

God bless and congratulations!

Jeanne Fandozzi