Thankful for CARA bill

To the Editor:

I saw in the news that the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) was signed into law and I could not be more thankful. The drug issue in New Hampshire, and all over the U.S., becomes more serious each year and is affecting families across the Granite State. I am thrilled to see this become law because there are groups in New Hampshire – treatment and prevention facilities – who just cannot raise enough on their own to meet the demand for their services. They are doing such important work caring for people who are in need, and they deserve support from the federal government. I’d particularly like to thank Kelly Ayotte, who understands this and took action.

Because of CARA and Kelly Ayotte’s work to get it passed, treatment will be more readily available to more people who need it. Crucially, Kelly Ayotte is also working on ways to stop the flow of drugs into our state, which is a great way to get at this problem from all sides of it. This issue is too important to try and tie it back to politics, but I did just want to thank Kelly Ayotte for all of her hard work to tackle this drug crisis and help make the Granite State even better place to live.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Gaumont