Support Clinton for president

If you support Mr. Trump, don’t read this!As much as I would welcome his agents to ponder the points that I will make, I accept that it will not impact their vote. I believe this because Donald has proclaimed that he could walk out onto Main Street and shoot someone and would not lose one vote.

It terrifies me to write this, but my perception is that his statement with regards to committing murder in full public view and not losing a single vote is probably true. Consequently, how could I possibly write anything that would change a Trump voter to a Hillary Clinton voter?

However, for those genuinely undecided citizens who embrace their presidential vote seriously, factually, devoid of fantasy, bluster and illusion, please read on:

Demonstrably, with respect to Secretary Clinton’s vast, germane experiences, temperament, knowledge of global dynamics, formal education, aptitude, work ethic, achievements and nearly four decades of dedicated public service, she is the most qualified candidate ever to seek election for the presidency of the United States.

Hillary has well-documented and grounded plans addressing all issues regarding our economy, national security, education, environment, health, justice, equality, children and families. I am impressed that an overt part of her agenda is informed by several key goals highlighted by the Bernie Sanders campaign. For instance, Hillary endorses a fair tax system making sure the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. Mrs. Clinton wants an economy that will work for everyone, not just those vaccinated and/or isolated via their enormous wealth. Additionally, like Mr. Sanders, Secretary Clinton understands the real and present danger of climate change.

Moreover, like virtually all criticism aimed at Mrs. Clinton, the vehement attacks she receives with respect to her view on gun violence prevention is perverted. More specifically, she does not advocate eliminating the Second Amendment. Yet, her opponents will inexplicably scream that she does. Like Hillary, I am a realistic progressive – do as much good for as many as you can while respecting all stakeholders, be persistent, remain open-minded, inclusive, lead as you search for better ways to serve everyone.

I am voting for Hillary because she is exceptionally well-qualified for the position that she seeks. Mrs. Clinton consistently exhibits mature diplomatic skills, self-control, poise under pressure, respect for diversity, extraordinary persistence, pragmatic intellect, problem-solving via collaboration, and a commanding knowledge of all national and international issues. My support for Secretary Clinton is aligned with the voluminous and enlightening array of endorsements that she has received from impeccable military leaders, revered politicians, top business executives, neighborhood entrepreneurs, insightful educators and passionate community leaders at all levels.

The time has come to get serious about whom you will vote for on Nov. 8. If you are an undecided voter, I urge you to join me and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Kevin Tellier