Outgoing rep thanks supporters

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all those who voted for me in my recently failed primary election, and during past decades in my elections to the school board, MVD, trustee of trust funds and three previous re-elections to the NH House of Representatives. I enjoyed answering every email you shared with me; school district and town celebrations; watching your boys become Eagle Scouts; supporting celebrations of life during the sadder times; and representing my only home town since leaving the Marine Corps and moving here in 1981 (am still considered a new arrival). Meeting with all your fourth-graders visiting our Statehouse was one of my favorite duties. Those kids are the best and ask the best questions! I respected you by serving with long hours, 98-plus attendance record and voting in Merrimack’s best interest with honesty and integrity. It was ironic to be defeated as a secondary target of dishonest robo-calls (seriously guys?).

This past term, I was especially proud to serve you as vice chairman of the influential and busy House Education Committee. As prime sponsor of the State’s new "Dyslexia" (HB1644) Law, I dedicate my last term to a courageous young man who inspired me to push this bill through the House, Senate (24-0) and signed into law on 24 June. Regrettably, he passed away this year.

Thank you Merrimack for your past support. It was an honor to serve you.

Jack Balcom outgoing
state representative