Library appreciative of continued community support

On behalf of the Merrimack Public library staff, Friends, trustees and many volunteers, THANK YOU for your continued support of our mission to build a strong, literate community, promote life-long learning, and to improve the quality of life in Merrimack. We really appreciate it.

Over the next few weeks, many of us will be traveling to visit family we haven’t seen in a while, and some of us will be faced with that inevitable comment: You’ve gotten so tall! You’re so grown up now! I remember, as a child, cringing when my relatives would croon that over me, and yet, I have to admit that during some of this year’s events – our Teen Squads, Teen Advisory Group (TAG), Comics Club and even most recently, our Turkey Shoot – I’ve had to curb that impulse to croon over your children who are now growing up into young adults.

Your support enables us to bring you excellent services, new technology and materials, offer a variety of cultural and educational events, and create an attractive space where you can work, read or meet with others. We’ve accomplished quite a lot this year, and we’re eager to continue to improve our services.

Please consider joining the Friends or making a donation to our Friends of the Library Group. The Friends are a dedicated group of volunteers who, through the library’s book sales and an annual membership drive, raise funds that supplement our programming and materials budget.

One last update: You might know that our recent Turkey Shoot: Night of Raffles Fundraiser raised more than $5,000 that will be used to purchase an exterior book drop. We’ve raised about one-third of the total funds needed and you can help us reach this goal. Or, if you prefer, you can earmark a donation for event programming or leave it undesignated as a general donation. Additionally, our Friends of the Library participate in Amazon Smile, which means if you designate this group on your Amazon Smile account, the Friends will receive a small donation when you shop on Amazon.

We’ve got lots of events planned as we enter the holiday season that I hope you will enjoy, including a concert featuring the Bel Airs Christmas DooWop Show, Tasty Tidings Holiday Cookies, Armchair Travel Series: Winter Holidays in Russia, and an Interactive Movie Night, as well as more regular fare including Family Game Night, Knit, Stitch or Crochet Group, or our Monthly Book Discussion.

I want to extend our very best wishes for a healthy and happy Holiday Season. May you find yourself able to spend time with family and friends, gathered around a table sharing your stories.