Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix that

We all know that the opioid epidemic is an ongoing and heart-breaking problem. President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers estimated that this crisis cost the nation more than $500 billion in 2015 alone with New Hampshire being disproportionately affected.

Every day we lose people to this scourge. Providers and agencies are making inroads, but there has been no comprehensive national response to the issue.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix that.

Warren’s CARE Act supports local decision making and federal research and programs to prevent drug use while funding evidence-based treatments and recovery support services.

This is an important facet of the plan. It’s the providers and support services with boots on the ground who know best how to attack opioid disorder in their communities.

The CARE Act provides the proper funding needed to address the epidemic covering training, treatment, and ongoing research. Under the CARE Act New Hampshire would receive an estimated $26.4 million per year to fight substance use disorder and combat the opioid epidemic, with funding directed towards both the state as a whole, and local communities that are hardest hit. Hillsborough county could receive as much as $5.8 million per year.

Warren’s plan is good, solid, and thoughtful and it’s one that’s desperately needed for New Hampshire. Let’s all do our best to make sure this happens.

Representative Wendy E.N. Thomas,