Merrimack Spring Previews


COACH: Nick Jaskolka (second year).

LAST YEAR: 11-7, lost in first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: Mickey Gasper, sr., c; Devin Gillis, sr., p-inf; Evan McCormick, sr., p-inf.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Mike Conlin, sr., of; Mark Feeney, sr., of; Connor Powell, sr., of; Jake Tanguay, sr., p; Conor Urquhart, sr., p-inf.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Brendan Carter, jr., inf; Eric Gendron,sr., inf; Kyle Lawson, jr., p-of; Chad Seaver, so., inf; Ryan Slate, so., inf.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “Our pitchers are all strike throwers, so we need to play good defense behind them,” Jaskolka said. “Offensively we will have a brand new lineup (except for Gasper and Gillis), so it will all be about moving runners any way we can.”


COACH: Brian Miller (second season).

LAST YEAR: 4-10, missed D-II playoffs.

RETURNING STARTERS: Mac Martin, sr., attack; Josh Tevepaugh, sr., defense; Robby Todd, sr., goalie; Matthew Brewster, jr., midfield; Matthew Coburn, jr., attack; Connor MacInnis, jr., midfield; Connor Cyr, so., midfield.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Tyler Bradford, sr., attack; Karl Eiserman, sr., defense; Jason Fortin, jr., midfield; Trevor Lacey, jr., defense; Chris Nowalk, jr., goalie.; Thomas Perkins, jr., defense; Pierre Watt, jr., attack.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Nick Anderson, sr., defense; Cam Lacey, sr., midfield; Kyle Feeney, so., defense; James Jolly, jr., defense; Chris Puglisi, jr., defense; Tyler Brewster, so., midfield; Ryan Downie, so., attack; Avery Paulson, fr., defense; John Tiano, fr., midfield.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “Merrimack is a year removed from implementing a new system with lots of new faces at all positions,” Miller said. “The Tomahawks hope to continue to build in a positive direction, develop as a team, and become the first team from Merrimack to make the playoffs in five years.”


COACH: Paul Drone (second year).

LAST YEAR: 7-7, lost in D-II quarterfinals.

RETURNING STARTERS: Amber Olson, sr., midfield; Courtney Duffy, sr., midfield; Sam James, sr., defense; Dana Mendes, jr., attack; Steph Sylvester, jr., goalie; Maegan Howe, jr., midfield; Julia Perry, jr., midfield; Kelly Watkinson, jr., defense; Jenny Mulligan, jr., midfield.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jen Petz, sr., defense; Callie Dwyer, so., attack; Samantha Anderson, so., midfield; Kayla Franklin, so., midfield; Renee Murray, jr., midfield; Tori Currie, jr., defense; Emily Beard, so., defense; Morgan Chantler, so., midfield; Rebecca Tobey, so., midfield.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Kaitlyn Eckert, sr., midfield; Lauren Goodspeed, sr., defense; Sarah Shaw, jr., midfield; Charlotte Perry, fr., defense; Ally Lowry, so., goalie.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We’re looking to build on last year’s growth as a team,” Drone said. “We want to play strong team defense and put ourselves in a position to make the playoffs.”


COACH: Jim Peltak (fifth season)

LAST YEAR: Lost in first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: Brittany Camara, sr., OF; Lauren Gerhard, so., 1B; Anjelica Gonzalez sr., 3B; Ashly Grassini, jr., C; Alexis Kapsambelis, jr., SS; Renee LeClaire, jr., OF; Julianne Mayville, jr., OF.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jackson Gutekunst, so., 2B; Sabrina Jowders, so., IF; Catlin Minear, jr., P.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Jessica Humphrey, so., P; Hannah Smith, jr., P; Savanah Zagwyn, so., OF.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “I feel if our pitching and defense plays to its potential, we have the offense to be a top tier team,” Tomahawks coach Jim Peltak said.


COACH: Jeff Marvelle (seventh season).

LAST YEAR: 3-11.

RETURNING STARTERS: Andrew MacEarhern, so.; Matt Keeler, so.; Jordan Meaney, so.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: John Pitten, jr.; Andrew Trimper, so.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “The key is for the guys to continue to make improvements,” Marvelle said.


COACH: Susan Cloutier (fifth season).


RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Alyssa Hobbs, sr.; Rebecca Jackson, sr.; Pauline Klinger, sr.; Zoe Lanier, sr.; Fallon Lauture, sr.; Katherine Bouressa, jr.; Kiera Crowley, jr.; Rhianne Tallarico, jr.; Casey Wright, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Rebecca Eelman, fr.; Lianna Klinger, fr.; Laura Allen, fr.; Kortney Vallace, fr.; Alexandra Hayden, fr.; Brianna Labonte, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We seem to do well with doubles, and the girls know how to attack the net,” Cloutier said. “We’ve had some success there.”


COACH: John Snell (31st season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Nick Masella, sr.; Taber Yim, sr.; Adam Floyd,sr.; Ben Francis, sr.; Sam Gustafson, sr.; Match Ripka, sr.; Josh Ware, sr.; Connor Lane, sr.; Niko Yakuboff, sr.; Marcus Content, sr.; Bobby Desmond, sr.; Blake Williams, jr.; Hersh Rai, jr.; Nick Kachmar, jr.; Dylan Richardson, jr.; Schuyler Vaillancourt, jr.; Jake Zannoni, jr.; Wes Notter, jr.; Dylan Beaulieu, jr.; Owen Tracey, so.; Chase Sweeney, so.; Noah Avery, so.; Ben Parent, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Jarrod Ottman, fr.; Jake Marden, fr.; Keegan Whelan, fr.; Alejandro Ramos, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “Our keys to success this year will be senior leadership combined with the development of our younger athletes,” Snell said.


COACH: Shawn Croteau (12th season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Julia Glisson, sr.; Abby Smith, jr.; Kellie Mathewson, jr.; Jannette Lopez, jr.; Brittany Gravallese, jr.; Jen Coffey, jr.; Katie Flynn, so.; Ashley Murray, so.; Cassandra Redfern, so.; Kathlyn Torrens, so.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kelly McNamara, sr.; Sydney Johnson, sr.; Allison Stankiewicz, jr.; Erika Lillis, so.; Sarah Haggerty, so.; Sarah House, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Siaoli Wright, fr.; Ashley Partin, fr.; Lauren Hatfield, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: Croteau believes the key to the season is to “stay healthy, continue to improve and have our new juniors and seniors lead by example.”