MYA crowns 8 champs at Tomahawk Throwdown

The Merrimack Youth Wrestling Program hosted and competed in the annual Merrimack Tomahawk Throwdown Wrestling Tournament held for the very first time at Merrimack High School on Jan. 22.

It was an exciting weekend of wrestling at the high school starting off with the Merrimack High School Dual Tournament on Saturday. The Tomahawk Throwdown attracted over 350 wrestlers and was the program’s first time hosting a K-8 tournament. Merrimack brought fourty three wrestlers to compete with individual results below.

Kindergartners took the following medals: Grayson Chestnut 2nd, Olivia Dine 3rd, Natasha Kourdriashova 4th, Aaron Lacharite 3rd and Andrew Schuster 4th. Chestnut pulled in one win by pin and Dine had one win by points in an exciting last second come from behind turnaround.

First graders took the following medals: Isla Curley 4th and Ryan Marone 3rd. It was both Curley and Marone’s first career wrestling competition.

Second graders took the following medals: Amir Safa 4th, Liam Newman 2nd, Benjamin Koudriashov 1st, Collin Schuster 1st, Kael McAloon 2nd, Aiden Kennedy 4th, Micah Dodds 4th, Luke Emond 4th, Liam Bright 1st, Emmi Haddad 3rd, Rhys Dewar 1st. Dewar and Schuster breezed through their brackets pinning all of their opponents. Haddad and Newman each had one win by pin. Koudriashov, McAloon and Bright also each had two wins by pin on the day.

Third graders took the following medals: Liam Harman 2nd, Gage Kidd 4th, Mike Neacy 4th, Cayden Dine 1st, Jackson Meehan 1st, Sophia Weilbrenner 4th and John Regal 3rd. Dine and Meehan crushed the competition pinning all of their opponents along the way. Harman captured two wins by points on the day. Regal grabbed one win by points.

Ivey Johnson, grade 4, took third place on the podium.

Fifth graders took the following medals: Anthony Almonte 3rd, Owen Forrest 2nd, JJ Bright 3rd, Mitchell Krupp 4th and Danny Safa 4th. Bright snagged one win by pin on the day. Almonte beat one of his opponents by points. Forrest captured two wins by points with one match taking an overwhelming lead.

Mateo Pena-Galvo, grade 6 in his debut wrestling tournament snagged second with his first career win by pin.

Sixth grader Gavin Ross barreled through his bracket taking 1st place and winning all by points.

Seventh graders took the following medals: Hunter Adams 4th, Jeffrey Burke 4th, Preston Ostrom 4th, Alex Griffin 3rd and Camden Wheeler 2nd. Wheeler completed all of his wins on the day by pin. Griffin took home one win by points.

Eigth graders took the following medals: Anthony Maglio 2nd, Michael Matheson 3rd, Molly Brody 2nd, Anson Dewar 1st and Collin Jones 2nd. Maglio and Brody each defeated one of their opponents by pin. Matheson had one win on the day by points. Dewar and Jones each completed their two wins on the day by points.