Eyes on No. 1

Just about a semester remains in the school year for the Merrimack High Class of 2018. Sara Wozniak, the current leader in the race to Valedictorian won’t guarantee that she holds on to the top spot.

But Wozniak is certain, nobody is going to outwork her.

“I’m not naturally smart, I’m self-motivated. I study a lot and make sure I go over homework well,” said Wozniak. “My mom doesn’t put pressure on me, I feel the need to do it.”

The Merrimack High guard finds time to pour that same kind of effort into sports, currently with the Tomahawks’ hoop team.

“Sports actually helps,” said Wozniak, who has been a key figure on the varsity for four years in both basketball and soccer.

“It’s a stress reliever for me. For sports, I know I need to be doing well in school. And I enjoy both sports tremendously.

“It gets busy, but I use the extra time I have in school, and I make time. I don’t procrastinate, that will only give me more anxiety.”

With a course load that includes AP physics, AP calculus and Chinese, Wozniak has no time for anxiety, especially as she protects that No. 1 stature.