Merrimack youth wrestlers step up game at Throwdown

The Merrimack Youth Wrestling Program hosted the 13th annual Tomahawk Throwdown at Merrimack High School recently.

MYA had 27 wrestlers representing at the


At the Throwdown, 8U wrestlers Calissa Bell, Wyatt Chaput, Caleb Bell and Ryan McMahon wrestled tough in their 62, 53 and 43 pound brackets, respectively.

Other 8U wrestlers Bennett Meehan and Quentin Ellison each had one win by points on the day, taking home third-place medals.

Kameron Lewis had one win by points and one win by pin also taking third place on the podium.

Allison McMahon had her first career win taking home second place on the day.

And the 8U bracket was rounded out by Cash Torres who defeated his opponent by pin who fell to injury taking home first place medal.

Luke Emond and Liam Newman wrestled tough in their respective 77 and 71 pound, 10U divisions. Ryan Marone, Aiden Kennedy and Micah Dodds all snagged one win by points on the day. Dodds secured third place on the podium.

Other 10U wresters Emerson Haddad and Rhys Dewar secured second and first place respectively. Emmi pinned two of her opponents. Dewar capped his season breezing through his competition pinning three of his opponents and defeating fellow Tomahawk teammate by points for the champ title.

At 12U, Patrick Donahoe wrestled hard in his 73 pound bracket.

John Regal also wrestled tough at 97 pounds, taking home third place medal.

All other 12U wrestlers secured one win on the day taking home second-place medals: Cayden Dine, Ivey Johnson, Jackson Meehan, Nicolin Stevens, Griffin Turgeon.

Gryffen Gelinas also secured one win by pin on the day taking home third-place medal.

At 14U, Brendan Curley and Austin Shea wrestled tough all day long.

Owen Forrest had two wins by pin and one win by points taking home first place medal.