Writer supports Levesque, Taylor

To the Editor:

It is election time again, and the importance of this midterm election cannot be overstated.

We have seen the sharp contrast in Concord between the Legislature elected in 2010 and the current Legislature, elected in 2012. We have gone from radical partisan ideology, cuts in higher education aid and sweetheart tax breaks for tobacco companies to careful, bipartisan stewardship of a budget that reflects New Hampshire values.

Voters in Brookline and Mason have the opportunity to vote for two amazing, hardworking women to represent them in Concord who will continue this effort to restore balance and civility to our Legislature.

Melanie Levesque has twice been elected to represent Brookline, and has represented Mason, as well, this last term. Melanie has been a leader in the House, a key part of the bipartisan efforts to pass a budget and legislation that moves New Hampshire forward.

I have worked with Melanie to keep Brookline voters informed about the issues, and I have watched with admiration as Melanie has sprung into action to help fellow Brookline and Mason residents resolve issues and find help. She has worked across party lines on important issues like the death penalty, and she finds the best in everyone she meets.

Gale Taylor is a first-time candidate, and she has impressed me with her energy, hard work and her quick understanding of the issues. Gale has worked tirelessly as a volunteer in Brookline and has taken on the task of running for representative with an enthusiasm we need in Concord.

Gale’s business background, can-do attitude and ability to find common ground when discussing even the most difficult issues will serve us well in Concord.

Just as impressive as their individual accomplishments and qualifications, the knowledge, hard work and teamwork Melanie and Gale have demonstrated as they have run their campaign is remarkable. I know they will be leaders in contributing to a professional, civil atmosphere in Concord and help continue to move our state in the right direction. I proudly urge my fellow residents to get to know Melanie and Gale, and to vote for them both on November 4.

Keith F. Thompson, Brookline