Representative: ‘It’s not about politics’

To the Editor:

In Concord, we have accomplished a great deal for the people of New Hampshire. Among the accomplishments are pay equity, equal pay for equal work, which benefits women and men. It prevents employees from being reprimanded or fired for disclosing how much they earn.

Medicaid expansion provides health insurance to more than 50,000 New Hampshire residents, preventing costly uncompensated care that we all pay for. We have healthy kids; they need healthy parents. We passed laws to prohibit discrimination in the workplace against women who are victims of domestic violence and much more.

An atmosphere of decorum, respect and camaraderie has returned to the Statehouse, one where we work together to solve the problems we face in New Hampshire. It has been a great pleasure to serve with my fellow representatives, Democrat, Republican and Independent. When it comes to making good policy, it should not matter what party you belong to, but what you believe in and what you stand for. I hope you will send me back to continue the important work.

In 2010, Bill O’Brien and his followers cut spending drastically. They took funds away from higher education and mental health, and assaulted the environment and women’s health. He and others are counting on redistricting and low voter turnout in a nonpresidential year to help them take back our state.

If you care about strong public schools, the environment, women’s rights and women’s health, and a secure retirement, make time in your schedule to go out and exercise your civic duty. Vote your values to preserve the things you really care about.

With great candidates up and down the ballot, including my very capable running mate Gale Taylor, we are well positioned to keep New Hampshire on track making progress in education, stimulating our economy and maintaining the high quality of life that we enjoy. We can’t do it without you, so mark your calendars for Nov. 4. It’s not about politics … it’s about our lives.

Melanie Levesque
Brookline and Mason