Bedford teachers still help

To the Editor:

Recently, there have been claims made that Bedford High students “… are not getting the extra help they need.” This statement is misleading, and an affront to the dedication of the teaching staff at Bedford High School.

Depending on the teacher, extra help is available before school, during activity period (a 25-minute period every other day designed to allow students time to meet with clubs or teachers), after school, or during a planning block. When student schedules make meeting during an extra help session difficult, teachers arrange appointments convenient to both parties. I’ve never seen Bedford High School teachers reject a sincere request for help.

In addition, the Academic Centers are a unique resource offering assistance every block of everyday (including midterm week.) Any student can go to Room 314/316, sign in, and tell staff what they need. They immediately have access to a teacher who specializes in math and science, or the humanities, an additional certified teacher in each room, and a paraprofessional. As the teacher in the Math/Science Academic Center, it is hard for me to accept that any student at Bedford High School does not receive support if they seek it.

Karrie Welch

Math and Science Academic Center Teacher

Bedford High School