Libraries needed now more than ever

A library is one of the few places to assemble without having to buy something. So often, while reading at the Bedford Public Library, I would smile when seeing a teacher helping a student with a difficult math concept. I was lucky to have had an engineer dad to rescue me from a flinty math equation. Not every family has an at-home tutor or stress-free and quiet study space. I had five siblings making all manner of noise. Fortunately, we had a library.

Libraries are keystones of an active and healthy community. Libraries offer the opportunity to search for jobs, conduct research, experience new concepts and ideas, get lost in great stories, and simultaneously supply a feeling of place for congregating.

Library usage is way down since the pandemic began. One effect of restrictions on places to frequent, like libraries, has helped contribute to a mental health decline. Since the coronavirus started, depression and anxiety in America have become widespread. That’s one reason why libraries are so important to our community, especially during times like these.

The BPL is one of the best in the State and one of the oldest at 232 years. Housing tens of thousands of print and audiobooks, thousands of DVDs, a large selection of periodicals, and a host for dozens of meetings, the $2.7 million, 20 thousand square foot library is also one of the most beautiful. The BPL is a unique and precious resource. Let us do all we can to ensure every resident knows what it offers and continues serving everyone.

Ensuring that the BPL continues as a cornerstone of the community takes dedicated staff, eager volunteers, and trustees prepared to roll up their sleeves. If I am honored with your vote as a Library Trustee, I will work hard every day to help us achieve this goal.