Stop the state

Are our Republican state senators and state representatives so beholden to the extremist right wing that they would support legislation that will raise our property taxes and diminish our schools?

Encouraged by our anti-public school NH Education Commissioner Edelblut, House Bill 20 (HB 20) was primarily drafted by out-of-state right wing extreme groups such as the Alliance for Separation of Schools and State and the American Legislative Exchange Council. If passed, SB 20 will rob money from our public schools and use it to heavily subsidize students attending private schools, religious schools and even college transportation costs.

If this legislation passes, our cities and towns will have no choice but to raise your property tax to make up for the diversion of funds that you already pay as part of your property tax levy.

Political hyperbole is common these days, so I urge you to examine for yourself the text of HB 20 in the NH legislative web site at http://gencourt.state.nh.us/. After you do so, email or call your State Senator and State Representatives and urge that they do all they can to defeat this bill.