IB program reflects badly on Bedford

To the Editor:

Reading the article on the International Baccalaureate program and its partnership with UNESCO, it reminded me about UNESCO funding a Palestinian magazine glorifying Adolf Hitler.

A law was passed by Congress in 1994 that stipulates that any affiliated organization of the U.N. that grants full membership as a state to an organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood will not receive funding from the U.S. After UNESCO voted for membership of Palestine, U.S. funding to UNESCO was halted.

While I resent my money being sent to an organization that has supported anti-Semitism, this is serious enough that it warrants attention to the legality of the dues our school district pays to the IB. Since the IB program works in partnership with UNESCO, are the dues we pay to the IB illegal?

For those interested in reading about the anti-Semitic magazine UNESCO helped to fund, you can visit this website: http://antisemitism.org.il/article/69000/unesco-funds-palestinian-magazine-glorifying-hitler. You can read how the magazine applauded Hitler for murdering Jews.

As a new resident to Bedford, I don’t think this association reflects well on the community, the students or the School District.