Radke is fully qualified to be Bedford’s town clerk

To the Editor:

My name is Lori Radke and I am running for re-election for the position of town clerk.

Why do I feel I am the best candidate for this position? Experience and Education.

Experience: I have been serving as your town clerk for that past six years. I am familiar with our state and local laws and how they pertain to the office of town clerk and our community.

I am trained on the New Hampshire Vital Records Information Network (NHVRIN), software that was developed for the Secretary of State’s Division of Vital Records Administration (DVRA). I am trained on ElectionNet, which is the official State of New Hampshire Statewide Voter Registration System.

I am currently the first vice president of the New Hampshire City and Town Clerks Association (NHCTCA). If elected, I will be sworn in as president for the NHCTCA in the fall of 2014. In my role as president I will be working closely with the Director of Vital Records Administration, Director of Motor Vehicles and the Secretary of the State’s office to be sure town and city clerk training is current and ongoing. I will also be working very closely with state legislatures to be sure bills that are presented have Bedford and other municipalities’ interests at heart.

I am a Justice of the Peace, a former Bedford Town Councilor and a former member of various town boards and commissions.

Education: I hold a BS degree from Central Connecticut State University and an MA degree from San Diego State University. I was recently accepted into the Southern New Hampshire University MBA program where I am considering pursuing a degree in Business Leadership. Six years ago I enrolled in the NHCTCA Accreditation Program where I am now a Certified Town Clerk.

I believe Bedford is a town where dedicated and passionate people work together to make their community a better place to live. Our town’s success comes from our large pool of volunteers and dedicated employees who work daily to ensure that our town operates efficiently. I want to continue as your town clerk, because I share their vision, dedication and commitment. I want to continue being your town clerk because I believe in the democratic process and pledge to work alongside the town moderator, supervisors of the checklist and other town officials to ensure our local and federal elections run smoothly and efficiently.

Being a Town Clerk requires patience, understanding and a need to provide friendly customer service. It requires someone who is willing to go above and beyond what is expected to get the job done. I believe I have proven myself worthy over the past six years of these expectations and ask for your support once again.


Bedford Town Clerk