School budget a burden on Bedford seniors

To the Editor:

After sifting through the proposed school budget and listening to the individuals who spoke at the Deliberative Session, I will not be supporting the proposed budget.

I don’t believe anyone in Bedford wants to see the quality of the education diminish. However there are plenty of budget items that could be cut and still maintain an existing program that would not impact the quality of education the students are currently receiving.

Several elderly citizens have expressed their inability to absorb the ever-increasing tax increases we’ve all experienced. It is shocking to hear residents dismiss their struggles so easily. Our senior citizens face modest Social Security increases that simply cannot keep pace with the ever increasing taxes.

I would suggest that all residents go through the proposed budget. You will find line items included that could be cut without having any impact on the quality of education students are receiving.

Did you know that your taxes are going to pay for lobbyists that represent school administrators from around New Hampshire? Yes, you are paying for a lobbyist that does not represent the taxpayers of Bedford. The teachers have to pay for their lobbyist, so why should taxpayers pay for a lobbyist that does not represent their views?

At the Deliberative Session the Superintendent said that about $200,000 was spent on after-school clubs. Clubs are a wonderful activity for students to participate in after school, however should the senior citizens on a fixed income shoulder this expense? If your child participates in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, there is a parent volunteer and the children pay dues. They do not expect the taxpayers to fund this activity.

I applaud the district’s efforts to maintain a quality education for all children who live in Bedford, however that can be done with a fiscally responsible budget that does not put a huge burden on those who can least afford it.