Congratulations – and thank you to Bedford voters

To the Editor:

Mr. Shaughnessy gets my most heartfelt congratulations on his re-election as our town moderator.

I want to say thank you to him for his courteous and fair treatment throughout this election process. Our other re- and newly elected get my congratulations as well.

I would like to thank my supporters who made it to the polls and not only took the time to say hello and ask questions but also to show me their solid support by voting for me. Considering it was my first attempt at an elected office, you made it a pleasure and a real race. It certainly makes me feel optimistic about two years from now. With your support – and a few more – perhaps we can win next time, should I decide to run.

I will continue in my endeavors to earn your respect and confidence while promoting all that is positive within Bedford. Bedford is a wonderful community with much going on. It is a compliment to its residents that there is so much here.

I hope to see you while on my adventures and will welcome any feedback that you might have.

Thank you.