Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s work on military sexual assault supports our service members

Sen. Ayotte’s work strengthens military

To the Editor:

Senator Kelly Ayotte, our gladiator in the arena of debate on the floor of the Senate, led a bipartisan and diligent effort to craft a bill of new reforms to address military sexual assault.

Her energetic and persistent effort in this endeavor resulted in a Senate vote of 97-0 that passed this legislation of reforms and support for victims.

As a World War II and Korean War combat Marine, I believe she is at the tip of the spear in the battle to ensure that our military men and women are supported and well-trained.

She is a true patriot working to ensure that our nation remains strong and prepared, for it is when preparation meets opportunity, success and victory will follow.

She has my admiration and respect.

Semper Fi Kelly.