To give credit where credit is due

To give credit where credit is due

On July 18, the Bedford Journal published an article in its “A Bedford Attitude” section, page 7, entitled “Conservation Commission, Land Trust: two different, but worthy groups.” The article’s authorship was attributed to me, but I didn’t write it! The article was submitted giving full credit to Mervyn Taub, longtime member of both the Conservation Commission and Bedford Land Trust. (I merely serve as the coordinator for submitting information from the Bedford Land Trust.)

Mervyn is well qualified to write about the responsibilities of each of the two groups. He was first appointed, as a volunteer, to the town’s Conservation Commission in 1998 and has served continuously since that time. In 2003, he was elected Chairman of the Commission and served in that capacity through 2012. He now serves as Vice-Chair of the Commission. Mervyn has had an even longer term of service – some nineteen years – as a volunteer with the Bedford Land Trust. So when he says that these two groups of volunteers (the town’s Conservation Commission and the non-profit Bedford Land Trust) are worthy of your support because of their missions and goals, he knows what he’s talking about! For more information about the Bedford Land Trust, please visit: www.bedfordlandtrust.org.

Jeanene Procopis

Bedford Land Trust, Trustee