Linda Gould a step in right direction

To the Editor:

It is often said that all politics is local. Considering the current state of chaos and division in the world and in our nation as well as the lack of access to our federal representatives, I am paying more attention than ever to our local elections here in Bedford.

I will only be voting for those candidates who will adhere with integrity to the constitutional principles on which our state and country were founded.

One such candidate is Linda Gould.

Linda is a 40-year Bedford resident, a mother of five children, and a retired teacher.

After her daughter with special needs was seriously hurt in a school bus accident, Linda became an effective advocate for safer roads to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

An avid athlete herself, Linda has worked tirelessly as director of the Bike-Walk Alliance and as a volunteer for the Special Olympics.

Now you may understand why her blue signs have a bicycle on them! But the bicycle logo also represents the direction she will go as our representative.

Linda will move our state forward and away from stagnating wages, out-of-control spending, and over-reaching federal bureaucracies which are bankrupting our state and infringing on our liberties. She is a compassionate listener who cares deeply about our senior citizens, our veterans, our children, and others who have been neglected or marginalized. She believes in protecting the environment, in local control of our schools and taxes, and in the liberties guaranteed by the state and federal Constitutions.

A vote for Linda on September 9 will be a step in the right direction.

Diane Roblee