Linda Gould for State Rep

To the Editor:

Linda is firmly rooted in New Hampshire. She is a lifelong resident, the daughter of a dairy farming family who grounded her in the Granite State and Republican values of family, faith, education, patriotism, fiscal responsibility, local control, individual responsibility, and protection of our vulnerable citizens. Her dad was also an ironworker, so she can empathize with the challenges of working families.

After graduating from UNH, Linda raised a family of five, taught Latin in high school, and was cognizant of the issues that arose in the running of the family’s statewide retail chain which included Lynch’s in Manchester and Bedford, Kimballs in Portsmouth, and Pollards in Lowell, so she understands business, and will work to improve NH’s economy and job situation.

What has impressed me, additionally, is her activism in Concord for the past few years regarding legislation involving safety for vulnerable users, such as bikers, pedestrians, runners, and highway workers; and her passion for cycling, which has included numerous cross-country jaunts, solo and self-contained. Linda strikes me as a bright, thoughtful sportswoman who can handle the rigors of the legislative process.

I know she has her mind set on issues associated with business, education, and healthcare when she gets to the NH House.

Her values, integrity, experience in Concord, and passion for the state make her a solid choice. Thank you for voting for Linda on September 9th.

Amanda Cebrowski