Taxpayers association offers suggestions

To the Editor:

During its August Board of Directors meeting, the Bedford Taxpayers Association developed a list of recommended candidates for the State Primary Election. Before deliberating, Directors noted the vigorous competition for various positions, especially those of local interest. To illustrate, in District 7, there are 15 candidates for its six seats. Three are incumbents, meaning 12 motivated citizens are vying for three open positions, evidence of a healthy level of interest and participation not seen around here in many years. This is a heartening development.

BTA’s charter indicates no political party affiliations and its bylaws also compel it to consider primarily the impact on taxes of certain legislative proposals and the likely tax consequences of programs espoused by those running for office. Accordingly, although new candidates may be known personally by BTA members and hard working incumbents may have represented our two Districts well overall, the Board must focus on how the results of any election may affect the taxpayers’ burden.

After looking over the Democrat ballot, the Board concluded its suggestion is YOU DECIDE. What follows is a list of candidates on the Republican ballot running in opposed races. It’s worth noting each of these individuals was preferred by a majority of the BTA Board but very few were favored by all Board members, further indication of the breadth and number of good candidates for office this cycle.

Governor – Hemmingway.

US Senate – Rubens.

US House – Guinta.

Exec Council – Adams.

District 7 Reps – Cheetham, Fromuth, Gould, Keith Murphy, Peterson, Schneller.

County Treasurer – Fredette.

Register of Deeds – Coughlin.

Delegates to State Convention – McGinley, Kelleigh Murphy, Banfield, Chadwick, Earnshaw, Hawkins.

Copies of Democrat and Republican sample ballots are on BTA’s website (, with all recommended candidates (unopposed and opposed) marked where applicable.

As usual, BTA urges all eligible citizens to get out and vote, be it in Primary or General Elections and regardless of party affiliation.

Roy H. Stewart, President

Bedford Taxpayers Association