Brown is reason to vote for Shaheen

To the Editor:

At a time when corporations are “making more money than ever before yet paying a lower share of the overall U.S. tax pie” (Time), Lawyer Schappals turns a blind eye on the corporate abuse of our citizens in the jobs that are relocated elsewhere. Thus her endorsement of Scott Brown does not speak well for his campaign.

But Lawyer Schappals isn’t running. Scott Brown is. And he is the major reason to vote for Jeanne Shaheen. In 2010 Scott Brown sided with Wall Street and corporate interests and voted no on the Small Business Jobs and Credit Acts bill that helped New Hampshire small businesses expand export opportunities. Shaheen voted Yes and thus helped our state and U.S. businesses across the country. She also fought for the creation of the Manchester Job Corps Center and leads her peers in advocating for student careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

As the New Hampshire Business Review reports, less than 100 days before entering the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire, Scott Brown struggled to respond to a question about the internet sales tax and refused to say he was opposed. NHBR also reports Brown’s position was at odds with “the entire New Hampshire’s congressional delegation, who had come out swinging hard against the tax, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, the last time it came up in 2013.”

Consider also the campaign that Scott Brown lost to Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts in 2012. In the first debate Scott Brown accused her of not being a Native American because she didn’t look like one (she is) and thus lying on an application (not true). Later, his attack ads falsely accused her of hurting asbestos victims (she defended them). Furthermore, he had to issue an apology after accusing Warren of using ‘paid actors’ rather than real victims in her asbestos campaign ads (they were real victims). Clearly his words and actions do not reflect good judgment.

Elizabeth has been the scourge of Wall Street, the defender of the small guy and gal against the legalisms of those American banks who lure the poor into housing loans they can’t afford. And like Elizabeth Warren so will Jeanne Shaheen and she will do much more!

The Rev. William S. Gannon