Affordable Care Act is working in the Granite State

To the Editor:

In a Bedford paper last week, resident Dante D’Amato chides Democratic candidates for not writing letters to the editor favoring the Affordable Care Act. Here’s one.

Here in New Hampshire, the Affordable Care Act is working. In our state, there are now 5 insurers offering more than 60 plans on the insurance exchanges. The choices available through these plans now cover every single hospital in NH. The number of insurers and plans continues to grow. Furthermore, the adoption by the NH Legislature of federal Medicaid assistance now makes group policies affordable for many NH low wage workers.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to the success of the ACA in NH is the misinformation being mailed to households from out-of-state special interest groups during this campaign season. To learn more about the ACA and its current status in NH, I recommend Bob Sanders’ lead article in the current edition of the New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR.com).

Jerry Hanauer