Terry Wolf seeks support on Sept. 13

To the Editor:

I am running for re-election for the New Hampshire State House.

There are nine Republican candidates for six seats to represent Bedford. The primary, Tuesday, Sept. 13, will decide which candidates move on to the general election Nov. 8.

This is an unusual year, with national politics in the headlines every single day.

Our entire state government is also up for election this year – governor, executive council, senators and most importantly – state representatives.

WHO we vote for at the local, state and federal level is more important than ever.

There are many decisions made at the state level that impact our lives. Issues such as health care, education funding and how to support innovation while protecting privacy (think drones).

I have lived in Bedford with my family for fifteen years and have been an active part of the community. I was an elected-member of the Bedford School Board for nine years and served for four years as chair. I have served on the Bedford Community Television board and the town’s Bedford Economic Development Commission.

As a representative at the NH State House, I have served on the Education Committee and the Public Higher Education Study Committee. Last year I was appointed Assistant Majority Whip by the Speaker of the House.

For the last two years I have worked hard to solve problems and I would like to continue to do so. We have a lot of good things happening in our state and we also have some very serious issues. The drug epidemic, an aging population and a shortage of workers are all issues that impact every sector of our state and need long-term solutions.

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, September 13.

Terry Wolf