Clinton has legacy of incompetence

To The Editor:

For weeks after the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton lied to you and to bereaved families, claiming "it was a video" that sparked the slaughter of four Americans. She lied to our Congress and the FBI, swearing she "never sent or received classified information"; she "turned over all the emails"; her personal server complied with rules and regulations; then she destroyed evidence of her wrongdoing.

From the infamous "We were under sniper fire" in Bosnia to the "we were dead broke" baloney, Hillary leaves a trail of deceit and incompetence. She ignored dissenters in the 2009 Iranian elections and incipient revolution, missing an opportunity to help remove a vicious tyranny; her policies left Libya and the Middle East in ruins; she negotiated no beneficial treaties and her only act to improve relations with Russia was the "reset button" photo-op.

Despite advance warning of a terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, despite desperate pleas for help from the consulate, despite the almost immediate availability of military assistance from U.S. forces in Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey and in the Mediterranean, Hillary Clinton sat on her hands in indecisive dithering while Americans were butchered, then she lied about it.

Read that last sentence again. Is that the person you want as commander in chief?

The head of the FBI said Hillary’s use of a personal server, her claims of not knowing how to protect or even recognize classified information were grossly negligent, setting our nation at risk. The Benghazi investigation determined she was guilty of negligence and incompetence. Is that the person who is fit to be president?

Impartial investigations of the Clinton Foundation reveal a strong probability of "pay to play" so that favors of the U.S. government were extended to those who contributed to her foundation. Do we want as a president someone who thinks our government is for sale?

The problem is not that Hillary is a proven liar, an incompetent unfit to be president; the problem is that her supporters don’t care.

If Maggie Hassan supports Clinton, why should New Hampshire support Maggie Hassan?

Richard Harris