Pick the party or the person?

To the Editor:

Much easier to follow party lines rather than examine individual candidates on either side. I confess to having made that mistake in the past.

I followed the red party line two years ago and helped elect both Sen. Andy Sanborn and Rep. Bart Fromuth. Both are men of some admirable qualities, but on the whole, I was wrong to have thought so highly of either of them.

The party pursues platform and patronage; the individual promotes philosophy and principle. The party prefers politicians; the people prefer public servants.

As many of you would suspect, during my six years on the town council I have worked with and been able to delineate between public servant and politician. The distinction is often veiled, but in the long run, becomes very evident.

Public servants focus on people and policies that will benefit others. The politician seeks self-interest and chases re-election.

I believe that there are five candidates for the state legislature in whom we have the highest confidence and trust as well as respect and admiration.

Who? For state Senate, Lee Nyquist and for state House seats, Dave Danielson, John Graham, Jerry Hanauer and Terry Wolf.

Why? Their records in service either to their community and/or the state, have been extensive without self-interest with a commitment only to you, the public. They will continue to champion your causes and issues, not their own.

Think integrity, honor, character and dedication. I cannot think of any complimentary words that describe a politician. Can you?

Your vote on Nov. 8 for these five people will guarantee that you are represented in all the best possible ways. Forget any party line. Possibly we can change things one vote at a time.

Jim Scanlon