Taxes play a role in this election

To the Editor:

Death and taxes are the two things of which we can be certain, according to Ben Franklin.

Taxes came up again in Monday’s (Sept. 26) debate between Clinton and Trump. Contrary to our 40-year tradition, Trump has not released his tax returns. However, the public records available show that he has not paid any taxes.

Trump’s response in Monday’s debate was, "It makes me smart."

Sen. Kelly Ayotte "supports Trump but does not endorse him." Hopefully she does not endorse Trump’s position on taxes, but does she support it?" Gov. Maggie Hassan endorses Clinton, not Trump.

Trump wants to increase our defense budget. Will he chip in to help us in funding it with our taxes? Otherwise, our national debt will increase.

Clinton knows we are "Stronger Together." Her choice of a red suit for the debate symbolizes her goal to have formerly red states vote Democratic Blue. This will make her the first woman president. The U.S. would then be as progressive as Germany with its Angela Merkel, who has been chancellor since 2005.

Paul H. Carr, Ph.D.