A vote for Laurie Sanborn is a vote for NH advantage

To the Editor:

Laurie Sanborn has represented Bedford for four years. She is a fourth generation Granite Stater and knows what works and what doesn’t in our state. Her intrepid adherence to conservative principles has served our town well. She consistently goes about her business with an obsidian blade of quiet politeness.

The issues Mrs. Sanborn supports involve making government smaller and more efficient, thus reducing the need to raise your taxes. Mrs. Sanborn is an entrepreneur and business owner and thus understands what a healthy environment is for job creation. She also understands why an overbearing regulatory environment is not a job-creating growth environment. New Hampshire has the highest corporate tax rate in New England. Mrs. Sanborn has fought from the day she was elected, often against an entrenched establishment leadership, to reduce government largess and lower your taxes. Tamping down regulation and lowering taxes reduces the cost of both large and small businesses that translates into more job creation for the graduates of our excellent university ecosystem.

A vote for Laurie Sanborn is a vote to reclaim the New Hampshire Advantage. I am speaking as a private citizen and not as a member of the Bedford Town Council when I say, let’s re-elect Laurie Sanborn and give members of the House of Representatives the ability to, in turn, elect her as speaker of the House.

John Schneller