For Kelly Ayotte, politics seems to trump character

To the Editor:

Can there possibly be a member of the U.S. Senate more lacking in leadership than Kelly Ayotte? Finally – after many months during which more than 120 Republican leaders have declared they will not vote for Donald Trump – Ms. Ayotte senses a shift in wind direction.

Ayotte continued to support Trump:

? In June 2015, when Trump characterized Mexican immigrants as drug-pushers, criminals and rapists.

? In July 2015, when Trump said that Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because Trump "like(s) people that weren’t captured." McCain was a prisoner of war for over 5 years after his plane was shot down over North Vietnam.

? In Dec. 2015, when Trump called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, or when he bragged that Russian dictator Putin called him brilliant.

? In Feb. 2016, when Trump refused to disavow KKK leader David Duke after Duke declared his support for Trump.

? After last March’s nationally televised Republican debates, where Trump bragged of the size of his genitals, and repeatedly called his opponents "Little Marco" (Rubio) and "Lying Ted" (Cruz), and demeaned the physical appearance of Cruz’s wife.

? In June 2016, when Trump declared that the American-born federal judge overseeing a suit against the defunct Trump University could not give Trump a fair trial because the judge is a Mexican.

? In August, when Trump attacked the Muslim gold-star parents of an American soldier killed in Iraq.

? After Trump’s continued refusal to release his tax returns, and the revelation (The New Yorl Times) that he likely has paid no U.S. income taxes in the past 18 years.

? After Trump’s public 3 a.m. tweets attacking a beauty contestant for being fat.

Now, just days after Sen. Ayotte referred to the Republican presidential nominee as a "role model" (though Ayotte said she "misspoke" a few hours later), Ayotte at last denounced Trump on Oct. 9 after Trump’s Access Hollywood "locker room talk" is revealed.

Certainly Donald Trump lacks the ethical bearing to be president, and Kelly Ayotte lacks the judgment and character to be senator.

Jerry Hanauer

20 Highland Farms Drive

Bedford, NH