Sanborn responds to Goldner letter

To the Editor:

In response to a letter in your publication on Oct. 13, making the suggestion that I am not trying to protect woman’s rights, Dr. Goldner’s claim, which comes right off my opponent’s Facebook page, is patently false and frankly insulting, so let’s set the record straight.

The bill in question is a House Bill from 2015 which was not just fully supported by Democratic Gov. Hassan’s administration, but much of the work performed on the bill was done by Democratic House member Dr. Tom Sherman, who is a fine legislator, but by no means could anyone suggest he is anything but liberal.

Taken directly from the House journal of legislative activity; "As amended, this Bill provides statistical information that brings New Hampshire in line with 48 other states. The committee took care to be sure the identity of the patient is confidential and follows the Center for Disease Control and Prevention protocols. All Stakeholders agree to the final version of the Bill," passing by a bi-partisan vote of 12-1.

Additionally, this bill passed the House floor on a bi-partisan vote as well.

In general, this bill would watch out FOR women, by allowing the department of Health and Human Services to insure quality and safety of women who are having medical procedures, as today in New Hampshire there is no measure to know if any doctor or medical facility is consistently clean and safe.

Being my opponent makes a living from suing people as a trial/injury attorney, it’s no wonder that he will do all he can do to put himself in the position to reap financial benefits any way he can, even if it means his willingness to block attempts to make medical facilities safe for women, all while pointing the finger at someone else.

His callous disregard for insuring medical safety is staggering. I am disappointed he roped Dr Goldner into advocating for substandard medical outcomes.

From my work advocating for women’s access to birth control over the counter without a doctor’s permission to being the creator of NH Pay Equity Law and being a driving force to establish the first ever statute to define domestic violence to better protect woman, my pro-woman, pro-health record is proven.

Andy Sanborn

State representative