Choose candidate with qualifications

To the Editor:

I am the son of a refugee. A German Jew, my father escaped at age 12 from Germany, on his own. In fact, the families of my wife and myself are all refugees within the last two generations. They were the lucky ones who escaped with their lives fleeing from tyrants, who used fear, hatred and bigotry to instill societal unrest and ultimately millions of deaths. Many times in history men have risen this way and although they are finally defeated the damage they do takes generations to heal.

We are a great society. We are a melting pot of individuals who are proud of our heritage. We rise to every occasion with nothing less than greatness. From our revolutionary war to World War II we have beaten the odds. We don’t have to become great again, we are great. Donald Trump is not even remotely qualified to lead our country. Instead in the mold of all great tyrants and dictators he is using race, religion, fear, hatred and implied violence to incite a segment of our population to rise up in a way that will take decades to heal the scars he is creating. The only person he hopes to help is himself and his narcissistic needs.

On Nov. 8, let’s vote for the candidate whose qualifications to be president are exceptional. Who has dedicated her life to public work and who has the needs and well-being of the nation as her driving force. No, Hillary Clinton is not perfect, nor am I or anyone else. I believe however that she is for the people, to heal our wounds and bring everyone up, to create better education, opportunities and incomes for the poor and move us forward and upward into our leadership role for this century. Vote for Hillary on Nov. 8, you will not regret it.

Wayne Goldner MD