Clinton anything but ‘nasty woman’

To the Editor:

Trump called Hillary "a nasty woman" and by so doing may have put the finishing touch on his failing campaign. Of course, as many viewers have learned anew in recent weeks, she is not a nasty woman. His supporters may applaud this remark. There are so many other similar comments. He should be ashamed. He isn’t, of course, and not being so indicates a self-indulgence that mistakes hate for love of country.

But his comment raises the important question of who she really is. We have learned how gritty she is at her core. Just think of the 11 hour grilling before the House Committee, her impressive self-possessing calmness during all three debates as all manner of crude remarks came her way, the self-discipline in her debate preparation and the knowledge she clearly showed throughout. There is much more that recommends her, her days in the Senate which will have prepared her for dealing with the Congress as President, her experience as Secretary of State, and, not to be neglected, her apprenticeship as a wife of a two term President. But above all the care, the passion she will bring to the presidency distinguishes her from Donald Trump. From her early days of service to children and families, which continues to this day, she will serve all the people of our country and serve us well.

The Rev. William S. Gannon